Thursday, November 14, 2013

Happy Deathday Roadside!!!

Greetings Gremlins...  It Is I, Orlock the Gothic Ghoul and I have Returned, Reluctantly, to this Mausoleum of Madness just in Time for another of the Revenant's Depressing Deathday Celebrations!  Woe to the World Weary Wraith for Once More he Mopes and Moans about the Mausoleum Lamenting the Loss of Alligatorman and the Addition of Another Agonizing Age of Drudgery, Damnation and Doom as He Heralds the Harbinger of Hoary Hosts...  the Birthday Clown.  So let us Take Pity on Poor, Putrescent Roadside...  With age Comes Wisdom, but so to does Rigor Mortis.  For my Friend this Fiendish Freak I have Compiled a Collection of Depressing and Dreadful Death songs in the Hope that It will Remind Him of his Better days before the Embalming...

01 Swing Movements  - Entertainment
02 Nightmare - Screams for Tina
03 Memento Mori - Stone 588
04 Cop shoot Cop - Everybody Loves You When You're Dead
05 Grave Dance - Cemetary
06 Christian Death - Deathwish
07 Crimson Scarlet - Two Kinds of Red
08 Bat Nouveau - Lillies
09 Batboner - DthRck
10 Strap on Halo - Only in Death
11 Mescaline Babies - Cold Earth
12 The Deadlines - Dead Indeed
13 ???

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Here you Are my Beastly Brood, My Halloween 2013 podcast a Week Early...  As things Around the Tomb are so Tricky These Nights, I have Sent the Devil Forth with This, My Malodorous Musical Message for all My Main Meanies!!!  The Treat is the Tunes, the Trick is No Tracks Listed...  Boo Hoo...  Be glad it was not A Razor in your Raisinettes!  Enjoy the Evisceration my Evil Eeries...

Undead but Still Kicking.  I have Finally Furrowed my way Forth From the Foundation of Filth that Lies Below my Crypt, Creeplings...  I have been Buried there these Many Months Since a Furious Flush of Fecal Witted Villagers Burned Down My Morbid Mausoleum and Chased Out my Poor Predating Pet Alligatorman!  Of Orlock, no signs as Yet, Though his Cowardice at the Cries of Cudgel wielding Cottagers lends me to Believe he Flew the Roost.  As I am yet Dirtying up Again, there shall be only two posts this Month.  That which you see before you and My Halloween Mix for 2013.  Stay Sanguine My Seedlings...


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

This Damned Computer!!!

I am Sorry I have not Posted for a time here in the Tomb, But my Cacodemon Fueled Computer has passed this Immortal Coil and has been Dumped in the Septic Pit with the rest of Alligatorman's broken toys.  I have been forced to Leave my Lurking Lounge and Go forth amongst the "Humans" in Search of another.  It is Difficult to find just the Right Imp-tel CPU to Resurrect my poor little Cacodemon...  Soon, however Orlock assures me,  All will run well Again and I may bring you another Podcast to Tickle your Terrors.  Until then, Stay Creepy!!!
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