Thursday, November 29, 2012

the Revenant Chats With Joelle of Romantica Nocturnis Clothing!!!

Greetings Joelle!  I Do So Thank You for Your Visit to the Tomb Today.  One small Word of Warning, If Orlock Lets Alligatorman in, Watch Your Shoes, He's Been Eating Children Again and it Upsets His Stomach So...  Shall We Begin?

the Revenant ~ Please, tell us a Bit About Yourself...

Joelle ~ Well, other than being a goth and a fashion designer, I'm also a huge geek.  I love fantasy novels, video games, science fiction, tabletop RPGs, you name it!  I'm also a former singer and studied music for a couple of years, but no longer have any interest in performing.  I love to sing while I'm sewing though!

the Revenant ~ What Influences Your Work my Dear?

Joelle ~ Historical fashion is a big influence for me.  The Victorian era in particular.  But I never try to be historically accurate, I prefer to take elements that I like from different places and put them together to make something that is my own.  The underlying theme of my work is that it is always dark, elegant and romantic.

the Revenant ~ How long Have You been Creating Your Works?

Joelle ~ I went to college for fashion design in 2006.  By the time I graduated in 2010 I had already developed a line of accessories and had laid a lot of the groundwork for Romantica Nocturnis.  I got a business loan and my own studio in September of 2010, so I've been in business for just over two years now.

the Revenant ~ Tell me a Little Bit about the Process of Making one Of your Pieces...

Joelle ~ I do everything myself, including designing, pattern drafting and development, and construction and finishing.  It's really rewarding to be able to come up with a design and know in your head all of the steps you need to take to make that design a reality. I especially enjoy experimenting and coming up with new techniques on my own, both for pattern manipulation and sewing/construction.

the Revenant ~ Alligatorman!  No!  No!  Orlock Get this Blood Bubbling Beast out of Here!  NOW!!!  I am So Sorry about Your Hand Bag Joelle...  It Might Be Best Just to Burn it, at this Point...  Ahem.  Moving On...  If you Could Meet One Horror Icon, Living, Dead or Undead, Who would It Be?

Joelle ~ I think it would be interesting to meet H.P. Lovecraft.  I've gotten into the habit of reading his stories every year around Halloween and you have to wonder at the mind of the person who wrote such brilliantly eerie stuff.

the Revenant ~ Name one Other Artist Who You Admire...

Joelle ~ I really admire international cosplayer Yaya Han.  She's been cosplaying for over 10 years, and when she started out she didn't even know how to use a sewing machine.  She's completely self-taught and whenever a costume requires a new technique she learns how to do it herself.  So not only does she know how to draft a pattern and construct a garment, she can embroider, style wigs, sculpt accessories, make scale mail, etc.  Some of her more elaborate costumes have taken more than one hundred hours of work to complete!  She also occasionally designs original costumes, which are always beautiful.  You can see her work at :

I thank You Once Again For Visiting Us this Dreary Day, Joelle!
To See More of Joelle's Wicked Works Visit Her Shop at:

Orlock!  Get Me the Prod!  I am Going to Have a Little Chat With Alligatorman about Guests and Decorum!  Phah...

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

the Revenant Chats with Kandi from Dark Hart Resurrection!!!

Greetings Kandi!  Would You Care for Some Coffee?  Absinthe?  A Bloody Judith?  (I Fear we Used Poor Mary All Up!)  No?  Then Please Allow Me to Tighten Those Chains For You and We Shall Begin...

the Roadside Revenant ~ Tell Me, What Influences Your Work?

Kandi ~ One of my biggest influences was my Grandmother. She taught me to sew when I was young, and always encouraged me to be creative.

I actually have a great deal of experience making a variety of things which are not in my Etsy shop yet.  I'm hoping to add more as my business grows.

I make a lot of my own clothes.  It's my self expression.  Everything in black of course, but I live creating my own personal style that is a mix of Modern Gothic, Vintage and always very feminine.

Making the things for Dark Hart Resurrection is actually fairly random.  I find things that inspire me to create mostly one of a kind pieces, and see where I end up.  It is my passion to make something new from something old.  If I wasn't allowed to do what I do I would definitely die a little on the inside.

the Roadside Revenant ~ Ah yes... I Know What it is Like to Die on the Inside!  Of Course I Also Know What it is Like to Die on the Outside, So Perhaps My Point is Lost.
Oh Well.
Tell Me, If You Could Meet One Horror Icon, Living, Dead or Undead Who Would it Be?

Kandi ~ Vincent Price.  I love his wicked, sinister side and dark humor.  I have a strong feeling he loved playing his evil, demented characters, but never took himself too seriously.

the Roadside Revenant ~ I Fear our End is Near my Dear.  Before We Must Expire, Please, Name One Other Artist Whose Work You Admire...

Kandi ~ I would have to say Pandora Moore and her company Delightfully Deviant.  She basically started her small business from nothing.  She is a very smart, hardworking woman who tried very hard to please her customers.

the Roadside Revenant ~ I Would Very Much Like to Thank Our New Fiend Kandi, For this Morbidly Merry Visit!
My Darling Drearies of Darkness and Damnation, Visit Miss Kandi's Etsy Shoppe Dark Hart Resurrection here:

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Have a Horrifyingly Happy FangsGrieving Tomorrow!!!

Happy FangsGrieving Tomorrow My Turkey Munchers!!!

The Ghoulish Art of Jack Davis!

Hello Heebies and Jeebies!!!  I was Waxing Nostalgic Today and Crawled Through Some of My Creeping Collection of Comic Arts.
One of the Gruesome Greats in the Fiend Field was Mr. Jack Davis!
So I Decided to Share Several Eerie Examples of the Mighty Jack's Work!!!

Happy Birthday Ingrid Pitt!!!

Ahhh... Ingrid you Vampish Vixen!!!  Happy Birthday to One of the Original Scream Queens!!!  Enjoy this Trailer for One of My Favorite Ingrid Pitt Performances in Countess Dracula!!!

81 Years ago Today!!!

Today is the 81st Anniversary of the Release of Frankenstein!!!  A Fiendish Film of Fangtastic Fright!!!  One of My All Time Favorites!!!  Felicitations Frankenstein!!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A Helpful PSA...

Greetings Ghoulies!  the Revenant is Still too Under the Weather After his Morbid Birthday Mope to even Come to the Computational Device.  So I, Orlock, the Gothic Ghoul found this Hellaciously Hilarious, Helpful  Educational Video to Instruct and Inform all you Blood Snacks How to Properly Dance to my Previous Pustulant Post!  Study Hard!!!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Bonsoir Blood Bags!  Orlock the Gothic Ghoul Here!  I am Posting this in Honor of our Horrible Host, the Roadside Revenant!  It is His Birthday Today and as is Traditional, He is Moping around the Mausoleum Listening to Joy Division and Being Grievously Gangrenous and Morbidly Mordant.
Being Dead Already, It Seems Odd to Celebrate One's Day of Birth at all,
But Since the Revenant is in Such a Maudlin Mood, Allow Me to Feed the Fires of His Dark Despair with This All Goth and Deathrock Birthday Boo-tiful Bring Down!
Let the Floor Gazing and Grave Swaying Begin!!!

1) Bat Atakk - This is Bat Atakk
2) Miguel and the Living Dead - Salem's Lot
3) Super Heroines - Embalmed Love
4) CocoRosie - Gallows
5) Xmal Deutschland - Incubus Succubus
6) Pins and Needles - Specimen
7) the Cemetery Girlz - Death Has Tasted Blood
8) Scarlet's Remains - Sacrifice
9) Manufactura - Casting the Infernal Curse
10) Christina Death - Spiritual Cramp (Death Mix)
11) Insulin Reaction - Darkzone
12) Sopor Aeturnus and the Ensemble of Shadows - Feast of Blood
13) Human Disease - Flesh for a Doll
14) the Mescaline Babies - Withered Wood
15) Bat Nouveau - Dust


Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Roadside Revenant's Fangsgrieving Podcast!!!

Oh Yes My Creeps!  It's that Time of The Year Again!  Time for Family and Fiends!  Time for Roast Turnkey and Pumpkin Die!  Around the Revenant's Table this Year Shall be Collected the Vilest of Villains, the Maddest of Murderers and the Most Sadistic of Psychopaths!  So for Your Edification, this Fangsgrieving Podcast is Filled to the Festering Firmament with Songs of Melodious Murder and Mayhem!  Let it Wash over your Withered and Wicked Wassails on this Season of Thanks!  Enjoy...

1) Those Poor Bastards - Among the Pines
2) Concombre Zombi - The Ripper
3) Deadbolt - Roadside Cross
4) the Frantic Flinstones - Albert de Salvo
5) Hayride to Hell - Serial Killer
6) the Sharks - Jack the Ripper
7) the Pine Box Boys - Dark of the Holler
8) the Goddamn Gallows - Ragz n Bonez
9) the Panic Beats - Killing Spree
10) Corky and the Juice Pigs - Rabies
11) Sleezus Fist and the Latter Day Taints - Alpha Beta Kappa Kill!
12) Koffin Kats - Splatterhouse
13) Rainier Hass - Packin' Heat at the Speak Easy
14) Th' Legendary Shack Shakers - Blood on the Bluegrass
15) Rob Zombie - House of 1,000 Corpses
16) Epileptic Hillbillies - Unstoppable Killer
17) Frankie Stein and His Ghouls - Knives and Lovers
18) the Coffinshakers - Last Night Down by the Grave
19) Demented Scumcats - Hillside Strangler
20) DIEMONSTERDIE - How Many People Do I Have to Kill Before You Know I Love You?
21) Deadbolt - McGortsy
22) Mr. Bad Wrench - Bodies Pile Up
23) Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Red Right Hand
24) the Rocketz - I want You Dead
25) Kneck Valve - She's Fallen in Love With a Serial Killer
26) the Deadutantes - Fresh Meat
27) the Hillbilly Moon Explosion - My Love Forever More

Remember my Children, that Most Dreaded of Holidays is Just Lurking around the Corner... Xmas!!!  And What a Wonderful Gift to Surprise your Special Specter With this Year, When You Buy a Cd or Mp3 from One of the Above Arsenic Laced Artists!  Support these Sinful Stocking Stuffers this Helliday Season!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Upcoming Events and New Blogmonsters!

Children of the Night... Today I would like to Give you a Severed Heads Up About Two Upcoming Posts and Welcome Three Nefarious Ne'er Do Wells that Shall be Contributing to this Bulbous Blog in the Near Future...
First and Fearmost, this Saturday I shall Be Posting my Fangsgrieving Podcast in honor of that Hideous Holiday!  Being that My Table Shall be Filled with the most Madness Driven Murderers known to Monster Kind, the Songlist is Filled with Dreary Ditties
about Psychopaths, Mad Dog Killers and Melodious Murder!

Also on the Dread Horizon my Interview with the Cast and Crew of Transylvania Television Shall Soon be Forced into the Light of Day!

And Finally, I Should like to Formally Welcome the Following Fiends who Shall Sift through the Sacrilege of the Following Topics...

Our own Terrible Tombmate, the Graf Von Orlock the Gothic Ghoul will be covering All thing Gothic, Ethereal, Ambient and Velvet Clad!

The Lovely but Deadly Mistress Malicia Shall Be Our Lurking Librarian and Reviewer of Blood Red Books!

And Finally, Against My Better Judgement, Orlock's Pet Monster who Lives in The Septic Pit Behind the Ossuary, Alligator Man!  This Cretinous Cryptid shall Be Howling Incoherently about all things Metal!!! 
If Giving Him Something To Do Will Keep Him from Tracking Offal all Over the Crypt,
Then It Shall be Worth the Headache.

See you Soon my Sadistic Seers!!!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Oh Dark Gods What the Hell is That Thing Crawling Out of the Septic Pit???


Welcome The Gothic Ghoul!!!

Well Banes and Banettes, Since Orlock Did a "Passable" Job Posting Yestere'en Whilst I Yet Lingered in my Tomb, I have Decided to Allow Him to Be the Vampiric Voice of All Things Goth and Swishy Within the Putrid Pages of this Bubonic Blog!
Since I Cannot Seem to Drive Home the Concept of You Killed It, You Clean it Up to Him, at Least the Occasional Help Posting While I am Otherwise Interred Might Maggot Worth My While?
Let Us Hope So.
So Please Welcome that Dark and Dapper Dread Dirt Napper...
Graf Von Orlock!
the Gothic Ghoul!

(And So Help Me Orlock If You Mess This Up, You  Can Dredge Out Your Own Plague Pit From Now On!)

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

the Revenant Left his Blog Page Open.... Shhh!!!

Hello Bloody Blog Watchers!  This is the Graf Von Orlock!!!  the Revenant's Temporary Tomb Mate!  He Still Hasn't Climbed out His Coffin, So I am taking this Opportunity to Share this Darksome Diamond of a Dirge with You All!  The Spiritual Bat's Sinful Song Sento!!!  Damn!  I Hear him Arising... Must Depart.  And Remember Blood Bags, Lot's of Iron Pills!  I Should be With you Shortly...

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

My Annoying Brother is Coming to Fangsgrieving this Year.

Ahhh... My Suppurating Spectral Spectators, Noxious News on the Hideous Holiday Front!  Apparently My Media Whore of a Brother, "the Slender Man", is Coming to Stay for a Few Weeks Over Fangsgrieving this Year.  This Camera Hungry Haunt is the Bane and Embarrassment of my Brood.  Have you Ever Seen Such an Attention Grabbing Ghoul in all Your Nightmares???  It's Bad Enough I have Orlock Here, NOW I must Dig Another Hole For Itsaak!  Oh, You Didn't Know???  Well, His Real Name is Pronounced <SLENDERMEN>  , <ITSOK SLENDERMEN>.  When He Decided to Become a Full Time Urban Legend, He Changed His Name To, as He Put It, "Widen His Appeal".  Phah!  Great Grandfather Paltel Must Be Rolling Around in His Grave!  In Fact I Hear Him Doing so Right Now.  Quiet in there Paltel!!!  I'd Best Not Tell Him Who's Coming to Dinner...

Monday, November 12, 2012

Happy Birthday to the Late Great Ghoulardi!!!

Ah, Grand Monster Ghoulardi...  How You Are Missed!!!  Today on the Day of Your Birthday, Allow me to Bow as the Reverant Revenant to your Macabre Might and Hangman Humor!!!
Stay Sick!!!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Most Humble Thanks to the Horror Blogger Alliance!!!

I Would Like To Thank The Ghouls Over at the Horror Blogger Alliance for My Inclusion within their Haunted Halls!!!  I am Honored to Lurk Amongst You!!!  And As You Can See, My Current Cryptmate Nosferatu Is Equally Thrilled!!!  He hasn't Been This Happy Since That Bus Load of Campers Crashed a Mere Creep and a Crawl away from Our Catacombs!!!  What a Lovely Picnic We had That Dreary Night...

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Does Any Body know Who This Person Is?  I Caught Him, His Loathsome Pet and Three Other Humans Snooping around My Crypt Tonight.  One of them, Some Blond Fancy Boy, Kept Trying to Pull Nosferatu's Face off!  Most Discourteous Behavior.  Phah!  The One in this Picture Cried Most Piteously Whilst we Ate his Dog.  They are All Locked Down Below Now.  Ah Well, At Least It will Help Lower the Grocery Bills this Month...  By the Way, Any Ghouls Interested in Buying a Used Van?  Some Scratch Marks.  A Bit of Blood, but Mostly Serviceable...  Post Mortemly Motivated Sellers...

Happy Birthday Screaming Lord Sutch!!!

A Most Foetid Felicitations on this Dreadful Day of your Birthday, the Late Screaming Lord Sutch!!!  Many a Night Here in the Gloom do I Dance Around to this Mad Man's Sound!!!  You are Greatly Missed... But Maybe I'll Dig You Up Sometime???

Thursday, November 8, 2012

the Roadside Revenant's All Bloodsucker Podcast!

Welcome!  Welcome, my Kreepy Kidavers!!!  To get my Current Haunted House Guest Off of My Blood Soaked Back And in Honor of Mr. Bram Stoker's Birthday, I Present to Your Pulsating Peepers The All Bloodsucker Podcast!!!  Sewn Together By Myself and That Creeping Crypt Crasher, My Fiend, Nosferatu!  Please Open Your Ears and a Vein or Three and Enjoy this Miasmic Mish Mash of Manic Bloodlust!!!

1) the Coffinshakers - Transylvania
2) Epitaph Romance - Blood
3) Zane Brothers - Dracula
4) the Brickbats - Dr. Acula
5) the 3D Invisibles - Stake in My Heart
6) the Cryptomaniacs - Vampire Bar Fight
7) Dead Vampires - City of Vampires
8) Legacy - Vampire Rock and Roller
9) Fortune and Maltese and the Phabulous Pallbearers - Vampira!
10) Horror of  '59 - Lugosi's Grave
11) the 69 Eyes - From Dusk Till Dawn
12) Nightcrawler - Bassferatu
13) Satan's Pilgrims - Vampiro
14) the Smothers Brothers - Mediocre Fred
15) Blitzkid - Nosferatu
16) the Coffinshakers - Return of the Vampire
17)  (?) - Drac the Knife

Remember my Revolting Roadie Revenants, Support these Mad Musicians!  Without Their Eerie Efforts, What an Unbearable Undeath We Would Be Forced to Endure!  Bathed in the Painful Pap of Pop!  An Endless Top 40 Torture of Terrifying Tinnitus!!!  Phah!!!  Enjoy...

Happy Birthday Mr. Bram Stoker!

A very Fiendish Felicitations to You, Mr. Stoker, on the Occasion of your Birthday!  My Drear Friend Nosferatu Insists we Break out the Fine Crystal and Raise a Revenant Toast to You and Your Macabre Masterpiece Dracula!  Bottoms Up and Six Feet Down!!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Votes are In!!!

The Votes are In my Kreeps!  And the Winners are...
President Kang and Vice President Kodos!!!

I For One Would Like to Welcome Our New Alien Overlords!
Crepitous Congratulations to All my Creeps who Voted Yesterday!
Whether Your Fiendish Favorite Won or Not, You all did Well!
Now Get Back to Building that Laser Pointed at Another Planet You've Never Heard of!!!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Voting Day of DOOM!!!

The Roadside Revenant would Like Remind You to visit Your Local Polling Station Today!  Remember, You're Only Allowed to Complain if You Cast a Vote in the First Place!!!  Voooooooooooooooooote....

Monday, November 5, 2012

The Revenant Reviews Goblinhaus!

Greetings Ghoulies!  Recently the Revenant has been Surfing the World Wide Webworks and Stumbled upon a Shocking Little Site called GOBLINHAUS!!!  These Mad Monsters Sell Shirts, Stickers, Toys, Posters, VHS, Vintage Halloween Kids' Kostumes and Much Much More!!!  The Buying Beast in Me Was Tickled Blood Red by their Collection of Classic Monster Toys and Costumes.  Whilst the Selection of Items is on the Smaller Side, the Uniqueness of what they Carry More Then Makes up For Volume.  Quality over Quantity!!!  They Also Just Recently Released a Rabid Recording named Translyvania-Mania by Monster-A-Go-Go!  This Dark Delight Sounds Similar to Old Misfits Slowed down by a Third with Synthful Surf  Sounds Sewn into the Mix.  All and all a Very Enjoyable Disc for those Deathly Days of Digging and Drinking.  A Peculiar Party Album for the Satanic Set.  But Please my Congregation, Don't take my Morbid Mumblings for it, See for Yourself and visit...

Friday, November 2, 2012

Roadside Ramblings with Cobweb of Eolith Designs!

Welcome to my Tomb! I trust those Chains aren't too Tight, Cobweb!  Please, Tell Me a Little Bit about Yourself...

I live in a little house at the edge of the world with my wife Kt and my cats Baal and Sekhmet. Much of my time goes into trying to find out everything that has happened so far, and how the universe works.
Obviously these are pretty big subjects and I’ve not got very far with either of them yet. I try not to narrow it down too far in case I miss something, but my main areas of interest are pre-Roman Britain, the ancient Near East, and the Languedoc region of France from about 30,000 BC to the present day. I’m not really sure if my love of ancient history has influenced my love of mythology and ancient religions or the other way round. It’s hard to separate the two, so I don’t usually try. I also try not to confine myself to reading about these things because actually rummaging around in caves and ruins and seeing and touching for yourself will always give you a better understanding than you can get second hand.
I try and fill in the gaps between by listening to music that nobody likes, watching obscure and usually terrible horror films, and practising historical European martial arts. Rapier is my weapon of choice.

What Manner of Things Influence Your Work?

Everything that has happened so far, how the universe works, very old things, terrible horror films, and music that nobody likes. On top of that I have a lot of friends who are amazing artists, musicians, writers, and craftspeople and they push me to be better and see things in different ways.

How Long have You Been Creating your Sculptures?

I’ve been sculpting on and off since the late 80’s. About seven years ago I made a decision to abandon anything that was consciously commercial and create things that I would like to own myself. I have unusual tastes, but it’s been a pleasant surprise to discover that I’m not the only one.

Tell us a Bit about the Process of Making one of your Pieces...

Most of my sculptures have a long gestation period. An idea will float about in my head for a few weeks and then I’ll start to gather information and images which may come in useful. Once I’ve sifted through the possibilities I start to think more about the practicalities and constraints of the materials I’m going to use. In between there will usually be a lot of doodling.
Most of the sculptures start with a sort of skeleton made from wire and tin foil. On top of that I’ll build up a rough shape from polymer clay and gradually refine it until it matches the image in my head. It’s unusual for the image in my head to stay fixed throughout the process though. There’s usually a tipping point when the piece acquires its own personality and starts to assert independence. From then on it’s more of a discussion between me and the work as to what its final form will be. There have been times I’ve set out to do one thing and ended up with something entirely different. Especially if I’m working on something which is based on an ancient artefact I tend to learn a lot in the process. You get inside the head of the person who created the original and come to understand why they did things the way they did. I work quite slowly and the act of creation allows a lot of time for pondering and exploring ideas.
I don’t count the polymer clay version as the finished piece. Once that has been fired and sealed I create a silicone mould and I cast from that. I’ve been using synthetic gypsum set with a water based liquid acrylic. It gives a nice weight and you can get a lot of different finishes out of it.
Everything I do is strictly limited edition. Once the first piece is finished I use rather arcane methods involving gematria to decide on how many I’ll cast and simply destroy the mould when I’ve got to that number.

If you Were able to Meet One Horror Icon, Alive, Dead or Undead, Who Would it Be?

Only one? That makes it very hard. I think it would have to be the author Arthur Machen, who was a big influence on H.P. Lovecraft and who appears to have known far more than was strictly healthy about how the universe works.

Name One other Artist Whose work You Admire...

Most of the artists who I really admire are long dead, but I think currently I’d have to answer this question with, Anne Sudworth. There’s a power in her work that just doesn’t come across in pictures of it. You have to see it in the flesh and up close and personal to get any idea how good she really is. From a purely technical point of view what she does makes my head swim, on an intellectual level I love the way she uses a personal symbolism that is very subtle and very clever, but there’s also real magic in her pictures, and when I say that I mean it literally. Art should transform you, and hers does.

Anne Sudworth
On this website you will find a wide range ofAnne Sudworth's paintings as well as news of herexhibitions and events. Our online shop sells prints,books and cards and there is information on buyingoriginal works. We hope you enjoy the site.

Please be Sure to Visit Cobweb at his Webstore and Facebook Page!  His Work is Exceptional!!!
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