Friday, November 2, 2012

Oh my Aching Skull!!!  A Fangtastic Time was had by All my Gruesome Guests this All Hallows Eve!  I have not been able to Crawl from the Crypt for the last Dread Day and a Half!!!  And to Make Matters Worse, I awoke to an Unwanted Grave Guest!  Apparently, Nosferatu was Pulled over for his Fourth D.W.D.!  Driving While Dead!!!  They Revoked his Lurking License and Now He is Crashing in my Ossuary.  If I Hear him Wailing One More Time about Turning Down the Heat from the Hell-Oven, I am going to Stake Him Myself!  Perhaps some Supporitive Sounds will Sedate him...  I Shall Post an all Vampire Music Podcast Soon.  Until then, Have and Undead Day!!!

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