Thursday, November 15, 2012

Welcome The Gothic Ghoul!!!

Well Banes and Banettes, Since Orlock Did a "Passable" Job Posting Yestere'en Whilst I Yet Lingered in my Tomb, I have Decided to Allow Him to Be the Vampiric Voice of All Things Goth and Swishy Within the Putrid Pages of this Bubonic Blog!
Since I Cannot Seem to Drive Home the Concept of You Killed It, You Clean it Up to Him, at Least the Occasional Help Posting While I am Otherwise Interred Might Maggot Worth My While?
Let Us Hope So.
So Please Welcome that Dark and Dapper Dread Dirt Napper...
Graf Von Orlock!
the Gothic Ghoul!

(And So Help Me Orlock If You Mess This Up, You  Can Dredge Out Your Own Plague Pit From Now On!)

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