Thursday, November 8, 2012

the Roadside Revenant's All Bloodsucker Podcast!

Welcome!  Welcome, my Kreepy Kidavers!!!  To get my Current Haunted House Guest Off of My Blood Soaked Back And in Honor of Mr. Bram Stoker's Birthday, I Present to Your Pulsating Peepers The All Bloodsucker Podcast!!!  Sewn Together By Myself and That Creeping Crypt Crasher, My Fiend, Nosferatu!  Please Open Your Ears and a Vein or Three and Enjoy this Miasmic Mish Mash of Manic Bloodlust!!!

1) the Coffinshakers - Transylvania
2) Epitaph Romance - Blood
3) Zane Brothers - Dracula
4) the Brickbats - Dr. Acula
5) the 3D Invisibles - Stake in My Heart
6) the Cryptomaniacs - Vampire Bar Fight
7) Dead Vampires - City of Vampires
8) Legacy - Vampire Rock and Roller
9) Fortune and Maltese and the Phabulous Pallbearers - Vampira!
10) Horror of  '59 - Lugosi's Grave
11) the 69 Eyes - From Dusk Till Dawn
12) Nightcrawler - Bassferatu
13) Satan's Pilgrims - Vampiro
14) the Smothers Brothers - Mediocre Fred
15) Blitzkid - Nosferatu
16) the Coffinshakers - Return of the Vampire
17)  (?) - Drac the Knife

Remember my Revolting Roadie Revenants, Support these Mad Musicians!  Without Their Eerie Efforts, What an Unbearable Undeath We Would Be Forced to Endure!  Bathed in the Painful Pap of Pop!  An Endless Top 40 Torture of Terrifying Tinnitus!!!  Phah!!!  Enjoy...

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