Thursday, November 29, 2012

the Revenant Chats With Joelle of Romantica Nocturnis Clothing!!!

Greetings Joelle!  I Do So Thank You for Your Visit to the Tomb Today.  One small Word of Warning, If Orlock Lets Alligatorman in, Watch Your Shoes, He's Been Eating Children Again and it Upsets His Stomach So...  Shall We Begin?

the Revenant ~ Please, tell us a Bit About Yourself...

Joelle ~ Well, other than being a goth and a fashion designer, I'm also a huge geek.  I love fantasy novels, video games, science fiction, tabletop RPGs, you name it!  I'm also a former singer and studied music for a couple of years, but no longer have any interest in performing.  I love to sing while I'm sewing though!

the Revenant ~ What Influences Your Work my Dear?

Joelle ~ Historical fashion is a big influence for me.  The Victorian era in particular.  But I never try to be historically accurate, I prefer to take elements that I like from different places and put them together to make something that is my own.  The underlying theme of my work is that it is always dark, elegant and romantic.

the Revenant ~ How long Have You been Creating Your Works?

Joelle ~ I went to college for fashion design in 2006.  By the time I graduated in 2010 I had already developed a line of accessories and had laid a lot of the groundwork for Romantica Nocturnis.  I got a business loan and my own studio in September of 2010, so I've been in business for just over two years now.

the Revenant ~ Tell me a Little Bit about the Process of Making one Of your Pieces...

Joelle ~ I do everything myself, including designing, pattern drafting and development, and construction and finishing.  It's really rewarding to be able to come up with a design and know in your head all of the steps you need to take to make that design a reality. I especially enjoy experimenting and coming up with new techniques on my own, both for pattern manipulation and sewing/construction.

the Revenant ~ Alligatorman!  No!  No!  Orlock Get this Blood Bubbling Beast out of Here!  NOW!!!  I am So Sorry about Your Hand Bag Joelle...  It Might Be Best Just to Burn it, at this Point...  Ahem.  Moving On...  If you Could Meet One Horror Icon, Living, Dead or Undead, Who would It Be?

Joelle ~ I think it would be interesting to meet H.P. Lovecraft.  I've gotten into the habit of reading his stories every year around Halloween and you have to wonder at the mind of the person who wrote such brilliantly eerie stuff.

the Revenant ~ Name one Other Artist Who You Admire...

Joelle ~ I really admire international cosplayer Yaya Han.  She's been cosplaying for over 10 years, and when she started out she didn't even know how to use a sewing machine.  She's completely self-taught and whenever a costume requires a new technique she learns how to do it herself.  So not only does she know how to draft a pattern and construct a garment, she can embroider, style wigs, sculpt accessories, make scale mail, etc.  Some of her more elaborate costumes have taken more than one hundred hours of work to complete!  She also occasionally designs original costumes, which are always beautiful.  You can see her work at :

I thank You Once Again For Visiting Us this Dreary Day, Joelle!
To See More of Joelle's Wicked Works Visit Her Shop at:

Orlock!  Get Me the Prod!  I am Going to Have a Little Chat With Alligatorman about Guests and Decorum!  Phah...

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