Saturday, November 10, 2012

Does Any Body know Who This Person Is?  I Caught Him, His Loathsome Pet and Three Other Humans Snooping around My Crypt Tonight.  One of them, Some Blond Fancy Boy, Kept Trying to Pull Nosferatu's Face off!  Most Discourteous Behavior.  Phah!  The One in this Picture Cried Most Piteously Whilst we Ate his Dog.  They are All Locked Down Below Now.  Ah Well, At Least It will Help Lower the Grocery Bills this Month...  By the Way, Any Ghouls Interested in Buying a Used Van?  Some Scratch Marks.  A Bit of Blood, but Mostly Serviceable...  Post Mortemly Motivated Sellers...

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  1. HBA Welcome Wagon...
    Wanted to let you know, you part of the Alliance. Please stop by and check to make sure your link is correct. Remember to say Thank You and feel free to visit the other HBA Members. Also if you have "CAPTCHA" on, you might want to turn it off... people hate it, okay I hate it.

    Jeremy [Retro]
    Visit The Madness:
    HBA Curator


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