Wednesday, November 28, 2012

the Revenant Chats with Kandi from Dark Hart Resurrection!!!

Greetings Kandi!  Would You Care for Some Coffee?  Absinthe?  A Bloody Judith?  (I Fear we Used Poor Mary All Up!)  No?  Then Please Allow Me to Tighten Those Chains For You and We Shall Begin...

the Roadside Revenant ~ Tell Me, What Influences Your Work?

Kandi ~ One of my biggest influences was my Grandmother. She taught me to sew when I was young, and always encouraged me to be creative.

I actually have a great deal of experience making a variety of things which are not in my Etsy shop yet.  I'm hoping to add more as my business grows.

I make a lot of my own clothes.  It's my self expression.  Everything in black of course, but I live creating my own personal style that is a mix of Modern Gothic, Vintage and always very feminine.

Making the things for Dark Hart Resurrection is actually fairly random.  I find things that inspire me to create mostly one of a kind pieces, and see where I end up.  It is my passion to make something new from something old.  If I wasn't allowed to do what I do I would definitely die a little on the inside.

the Roadside Revenant ~ Ah yes... I Know What it is Like to Die on the Inside!  Of Course I Also Know What it is Like to Die on the Outside, So Perhaps My Point is Lost.
Oh Well.
Tell Me, If You Could Meet One Horror Icon, Living, Dead or Undead Who Would it Be?

Kandi ~ Vincent Price.  I love his wicked, sinister side and dark humor.  I have a strong feeling he loved playing his evil, demented characters, but never took himself too seriously.

the Roadside Revenant ~ I Fear our End is Near my Dear.  Before We Must Expire, Please, Name One Other Artist Whose Work You Admire...

Kandi ~ I would have to say Pandora Moore and her company Delightfully Deviant.  She basically started her small business from nothing.  She is a very smart, hardworking woman who tried very hard to please her customers.

the Roadside Revenant ~ I Would Very Much Like to Thank Our New Fiend Kandi, For this Morbidly Merry Visit!
My Darling Drearies of Darkness and Damnation, Visit Miss Kandi's Etsy Shoppe Dark Hart Resurrection here:

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