Friday, November 16, 2012

Upcoming Events and New Blogmonsters!

Children of the Night... Today I would like to Give you a Severed Heads Up About Two Upcoming Posts and Welcome Three Nefarious Ne'er Do Wells that Shall be Contributing to this Bulbous Blog in the Near Future...
First and Fearmost, this Saturday I shall Be Posting my Fangsgrieving Podcast in honor of that Hideous Holiday!  Being that My Table Shall be Filled with the most Madness Driven Murderers known to Monster Kind, the Songlist is Filled with Dreary Ditties
about Psychopaths, Mad Dog Killers and Melodious Murder!

Also on the Dread Horizon my Interview with the Cast and Crew of Transylvania Television Shall Soon be Forced into the Light of Day!

And Finally, I Should like to Formally Welcome the Following Fiends who Shall Sift through the Sacrilege of the Following Topics...

Our own Terrible Tombmate, the Graf Von Orlock the Gothic Ghoul will be covering All thing Gothic, Ethereal, Ambient and Velvet Clad!

The Lovely but Deadly Mistress Malicia Shall Be Our Lurking Librarian and Reviewer of Blood Red Books!

And Finally, Against My Better Judgement, Orlock's Pet Monster who Lives in The Septic Pit Behind the Ossuary, Alligator Man!  This Cretinous Cryptid shall Be Howling Incoherently about all things Metal!!! 
If Giving Him Something To Do Will Keep Him from Tracking Offal all Over the Crypt,
Then It Shall be Worth the Headache.

See you Soon my Sadistic Seers!!!

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