Saturday, October 27, 2012

Countdown to Halloween Day 27!

For my Drear Darling Demonlings, Today Is a Halloween Treat!  Here Lies the Unaired Pulchritudinous Pilot of the Munsters!  To be True, It was never intended as the Pilot, but as a Treatment for the Edification of the Head Hunters at the Network.  Fangfully, the Series was Picked Up and Became a classic for Monster Kids to this Day!  Of Particular Peculiarity, the character of Lily is named Phoebe and played by Joan Marshall, a Skelevision Veteran of the Day.  And Eddie as played by Happy Derman, Is my Personal Favorite.  More Wolf than Boy, his Portrayal is Unsettling to say the Beast...  Enjoy the Munster Madness that almost Was!!!

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